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Emergency road service

Your membership contract contains our NSD 24 hour emergency road service telephone number for members to call when a member's auto is disabled. NSD will dispatch an emergency service vehicle to your aid and you are covered for a maximum limit per disablement for road service (one service call per disablement).


If for any reason road service cannot be dispatched, the member shall receive authorization from NSD to use a garage of their choice, and, upon presentation of original paid tow company receipt, the club shall reimburse the member up to the amount of plan selected.



All emergency roadside assistance is provided by Nation Safe Drivers. Call us today.

When you find yourself in a bind, take advantage of the emergency roadside assistance offered by Dick Tracy Insurance. We are family owned and operated and have been proudly serving Kansas and Missouri for 60 years.

Reliable Roadside Assistance

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  • MECHANICAL FIRST AID: ANY SERVICE REQUIRING MINOR ADJUSTMENT (exclusive of parts) to enable the vehicle to proceed under its own power.

  • TIRE SERVICE: Changing an inflated spare from mount to wheel.

  • BATTERY SERVICE: Attempting to start the vehicle with a booster battery.

  • DELIVERY SERVICE: Delivery of an emergency supply of gasoline, oil, water, and other accessories and supplies as may be required and available. Cost of materials delivered shall be paid for by the member.

Towing service

When a vehicle cannot be started, it can be towed to a destination of your choice by an authorized towing service (maximum of 15 miles).

Auto rental reimbursement

A member will be reimbursed for the automobile rental expense incurred by said member in connection with a vehicle or vehicles registered with the auto club under membership as follows:


a.) If repair work to the member's registered vehicle or vehicles is necessitated by reason of an accident with another vehicle which occurred while this membership is in effect, upon filing of claims thereof within 60 days of the accident on the form prescribed by NSD and presentation of (i) police report, (ii) original receipted bill from licensed auto rental agency, and (iii) receipted bill from service showing the repairs are completed, the date the car came in for repair, and the date the repaired car was released to the member, NSD will only reimburse during the repair period.


(b.) The said auto rental reimbursement to be made to the member shall be for an amount of up to: Plan A= $10 per day, Plan B=$15 per day, Plan C=$20 per day, and Plan D=$25 per day, each for a total of 5 days during each membership year, but reimbursement for each occurrence shall not commence until the second day of such auto rental.


(c.) It is hereby agreed and understood that this contract will be excess of any valid and/or collectable coverage.


(d.) Please be advised that we cover the rental reimbursement only (this does not include taxes, insurance, or any other surcharges which may be incurred at time of rental).


(e.) Our right to recover payment, if we make a payment under this policy and you have the right to recover damages from another you will: (1) Hold in trust for us the proceeds of the recovery. (2) Reimburse us to the extent of our payment. (3) Not prejudice our rights to recover.

Locksmith service

If keys are locked inside the member's vehicle, NSD will dispatch a locksmith for service.

Map service

Your membership allows you to request and receive specially prepared maps for travel. Merely call 866-294-0934 two weeks in advance of your trip, giving your trip origin and destination.

Theft reward

NSD will pay a person (excluding member's family or relatives) $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a person for the theft of a member's vehicle or tagged valuable articles.

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